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Times are changing and the porn movies are not holding the majority of adult traffic on the internet. Besides interactive cam sex, the horny men and women from all over the world are discovering the wonderful universe of adult gaming. It was a slow process indeed. In the beginning the online sex games couldn’t compete with what big porn networks could offer. Times have changed and technology has evolved. Now we have more than just the family computer to enjoy adult entertainment in quick intimacy everywhere. The industry started phasing out from games that only worked on PC in favor of the new HTML5 games, which meant a revolution for the porn games genre. More than half the people playing adult games are doing so on a handheld device. The sites who adapted quickly and offered cross platform compatibility have been rewarded with decent fan pools which helped them stay afloat.

But the thing that was missing in the adult world was a site like Play Sex Games. There are many reasons for which this is a great choice for gamers all over the world, but the number one reason is the fact that it can in fact welcome any players out there. The porn game industry needed sites similar to porn tubes such as PornHub, YouPorn, XVideos or XNXX. These massive porn tubes took over the adult industry and majorly altered the course of things by offering porn from all categories. I still remember when there were porn sites featuring just MILFs and porn sites only for teens. You could never find a site to please all of your fantasies until free porn tubes came along. And now it’s time for free gaming hubs like Play Sex Games, with content from A to Z.

We Want Play Sex Games To Be The Next Big Thing In Porn

We don’t want to be cocky and say that becoming the PornHub of the adult gaming world is our main goal. But I would lie if I wouldn’t admit that when I’m alone with myself that’s exactly what I dream of achieving with this collection. And everyone in our team has the same dream, that one day we’ll be running the most successful porn gaming site on the web and online sex games will become the new norm in matter of adult entertainment. And when you think about it, it isn’t too farfetched. The film production in the porn world has hit a plateau, while the porn games are just starting to pick momentum. If you remember the times from the beginning of sites like PornHub, most of their content was coming as amateur videos and rip off trailers that could only be streamed in 240p at best. And now look at them, powering a new generation of porn stars and putting out content for all our needs every single day. Although the porn games industry was around for some years, this is just the beginning. A lot has changed already and there’s still room for evolution. We’re going to be one of the platform on which you’ll experience that evolution first, no matter what you need to get off while gaming.

If It’s On PornHub, It’s Also On Play Sex Games

Our collection of hardcore sex games looks a lot like the category index of any big porn tube, and the kinks that are most popular there are also the most popular here. That’s because it’s the same people who are watching porn and playing xxx games. And because of that you will get to see so many incest games on our site, a nice selection of BDSM games, lots of uniform fetish games and recently the industry has started producing some quality interracial games, which are much appreciated by the ladies as well. From teens to MILFs and from white girls to Arabs and Indians, you’ll get to fuck all kinds of women in the games of our site. Partly because the developers started putting out games with ethnic themes, but also because the new generation of games brought complex customization menus for the character. The ultimate ideal women for you and even any major crush you have in real life can be recreated as a character in these games. Not to mention the many premium sex games which are coming with famous characters you wanted to fuck since a long time ago, from the most obvious ones like Black Widow from Avengers or Wonder Woman to innocent ones including Anna and Elsa from Frozen and many other xxx spin offs that will ruin your childhood memories or on the contrary, make them finally come true. And we have something on top of the things popular on mainstream porn tubes. As we know, they kind of lack good hentai content. Well, on our site all the otaku porn fans can rejoice because all of their fantasies can be fulfilled in the xxx-anime medium.

Play Sex Games Makes Money Just Like All The Free Porn Sites

It’s obvious that we have to monetize this platform somehow and as a rule all across the internet, if something is free, there will be ads. However, we went on the porn tube style of advertising instead of the one that is usually present on porn gaming platforms, in the sense that instead of making you go through all kinds of pop ups, interactive banners that are looking like some hot chick is messaging you or links that redirect to other porn sites, we chose to advertise through static banners on sides, headers and footers, plus a vide at the beginning of the game, which you can skip after 5 seconds. But my honest opinion is that you can just let the video play. These games will likely take half a minute to load even when you’re using Wi-Fi, as they are bigger and more complex. And that’s the longest type of ads we have on our site. We made sure to make them match with the kink in the games so that they will also serve as a warmup for what’s about to come.

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